Il grande


L’uomo, il digitale e la più importante

evoluzione della nostra storia


Introduction by Gianni Riotta

It’s an extraordinary chance, the one we have in this time, of which we can only be enthusiastic.

Living in an era like this one, which will be the mother of our future, does not happen to all the generations.”



“I accepted the challenges, even those not directed to me. But, perhaps, the most beautiful thing I managed to get, is the company of other travelers that followed by same, crazy compass. And today I’m here. Surrounded by the desire to keep raising my head to see what’s beyond this all. Because I keep having in my suitcase a horizon and the tendency of believing it never just ends there.”

Fondazione Luca

& Katia Tomassini

“Pessimists are almost always right. Optimists change the world.”


Vetrya Group

“The Internet is the new “source” from which to inquire and train.”


Culture, art, and faith.

Anywhere. With you.