Vetrya Group

We change things. Our people make our group unique. We work with intelligent and determined people, and we consider and value skills over experience.”

The speed of digital change is transforming every area of our lives, from work to study, from economy to culture, from the way of interacting to communication, and, unlike other periods of change, this time the effects are planetary. A momentous change occurred faster than any generation that preceded us.

All this continuous movement of data and identities was born with a specific goal: positioning the human being to the center of all things; at the center of his life.

Over the next few years, we will most likely be witnessing a kind of doubling of reality, an increasingly tight and undivided integration between the real, physical and concrete world and the digital, virtual, ethereal one.

In Vetrya we invest every day to contribute to the growth of this “new world”.

Visit our corporate website and find out how Vetrya applies digital technologies.

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People come first.

Ethics, social responsibility and a workplace where the enjoyment of living it daily become the guiding principle. Vetrya works every day to transform profit into social value by investing in education, awareness raising and raising young people's awareness of the values of culture. The purpose is the welfare of the community, in Vetrya becomes a place of meeting, sharing, contamination.

At the heart of all, people. Conjugating the new digital world and humanism.
Living in a serene climate allows all our employees to work better: productivity grows, sales and profits increase.

This is why Vetrya is a Great Place to Work


“The best work environment is not the one with the greatest number of benefits, but the one that’s built on respect, trust and sustainable innovation.”

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Discover our Corporate Campus.

Our main campus is in Orvieto, Umbria, Italy’s heart.

A 40.000 mq campus located in the exact geographical center of Italy (identified by the Dutch Authorities Kadaster Dutch Land Measurement Authority) for the companies owned by the Vetrya Group. Green belts, a sports center, spaces for entertainment, a work café, a tech shop and University classes, built around ecological sustainability, research and innovation.

The auditorium and the classrooms reserved for training host events in collaboration with Italian and international universities.

It is the place where, through eco-sustainability, research and innovation, solutions combine Internet, telecommunications, media, digital and renewable energies.

Visit our Vetrya Corporate Campus website.