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Future is a tale to be written, the intriguing exploration of which means to touch upon the crossroads of liberal arts and science.
It's a path along which not only the works of philosophers and writers intertwine, but also the works of businessmen, artists and scientists.
Extraordinary testaments that question the needs and identity of the Country.

Luca Tomassini

Build the digital of tomorrow

2018 - Franco Angeli Editions
Prefaced by Paola Severino

The well-proposed alternative condenses the problematic of the issues raised in writing and contemporaneously it already represents a “declaration of intent”: pro-active approach to the change is indeed, considered the winning recipe – the last chapter of the volume is entitled, significantly, “The optimists change the world”. I would also add, they change it for the better, since Luca Tomassini, did not only build the precondition to set up the Italian Silicon Valley with Vetrya, but I did it improving, until now, the original Californian model, introducing in a mostly male digital world, a woman General Manager and the 48% of female presence in the company. The reading of Luca Tomassini ’s work represents, therefore, a useful compass to face the present with trust and facing with greater awareness and optimism the challenges posed by the development of Cyber and digital, following the right perspective of learning to control them and not being passively controlled.

Paola Severino

Connected Lives
The challenge of the future in the digital era

2015 - Franco Angeli Editions
Prefaced by Massimo Russo

I Met Luca Tomassini several years ago, and in some occasions i have been blessed with working with him. The deepest memory I have about those projects is the pleasure of the invention, the gusto of surprising with an elegant and unexpected solution, the call or the message in the middle of the night, saying: “i figured it out, here’s how”. Before the work the enthusiasm, before the professional rigor, the passion. And if you don’t believe me, nip to the campus he built up in Orvieto, at the exact Centre of Italy, and you’ll find the same contagious desire of changing the game rules, redefining the world around us through the technology, in a company in which everyone could feel itself a protagonist.

Massimo Russo

From the television to the netvision

2010 - Franco Angeli Editions
Prefaced by Irene Pivetti

Love it or hate it. Even Luca Tomassini, in his clear headed and pertinent analysis, in which transmits the experience of a professional life spent in the technological innovation frontier at the service of the television, he is also a so advanced technology professional who could exempt to put immediately into action these affective categories, when he dedicates this publishing essay.

Irene Pivetti

GSM – 21 years of freedom words

2008 - MediaDuemila telecommunications
Prefaced by Franco Bernabé

Celebrating the Mobile’s age of majority in 21 years after the singing of Memorandum of Understanding the 7th of September 1987 in Copenhagen seems a obvious thing, given the extraordinary success of this object become the travelling companion for a quarter of the world population. The mobile phone has been a technological success considering the produced improvements, an economic success taking account of the huge business He made, a cultural success pondering the social fabric He created and the new expressive ways linked to that.

Franco Bernabè

The convergence wave

2007 - Franco Angeli Editions
Prefaced by Mauro Sentinelli

The distinguishing feature of Luca’s new work is not intended on offering the usual description of the quiet academic trait, or worse a quick fix recipe to effort the “new era”, but a vision of the phenomenon on a evolutionary key. Broad-based considerations don’t miss, but the effort is mostly the pragmatic one, soaking up aspects of a hard challenge that our country has to deal with, not only because is not possible to avoid it but it even gives new and great opportunities.

Mauro Sentinelli

Network competition

2007 - Franco Angeli Editions
Prefaced by Franco Bernabè

Luca Tomassini is one of the Italian managers who, in the last years, has been protagonist of the changing process that involved our productive system. In this book he treasured his managerial experience, benefiting from two complementary and intercommunicating words: the theory one and the practical one. The Volume, has been written consequently of personal experience, communicating with businessmen and managers and even by comparison with the most common sense of unauthorized personnel.

Franco Bernabè

Digital reality

1999 - Telecom Italia Editions

Internet, networks, on-demand videos, cyberspace, wired cities, virtual communities, web surfing, multimedia, infotainment, edutainment, e-mail: these words and expressions, which are becoming part of our daily vocabulary, suggest a gigantic, complex and fascinating “puzzle", in the center of which we find the information highways. At the threshold of the year 2000 we probably feel distant from the future. Instead, we are already in, thanks to the Internet and its "push" effect towards a new technological, organizational and cognitive model for the telecommunications world.

Broadcasting, networks and services

1999 - Telecom Italia Editions

The purpose of this text is to deal with the techniques that have led telecommunications to the current level of development: from the concept of information in the broad sense (tele -communicating), through the various analogue and numerical transmission systems, to the telecommunication systems, describing the transmission media, data transmission, public and private telecommunications networks (voice-data).

The Future on the Net
The Information Highway itinerary

1998 - Telecom Italia Editions

We are preparing to enter the third millennium in the wake of the communication revolution: a peaceful revolution that draws a future in which telecommunications and information technology will progressively converge to ensure a better quality of life for human beings. And we are contributing to realize these scenarios. Our commitment will enable us to be in the front row to the appointment with the most loud big bang of this century.

The integrated numeric network for tlc services

1996 - Telecom Italia Editions

The telecommunications technology knows how to combine the best quantity and quality, existence and being, conditioning and liberation. Knowing it means therefore investing in human being, on its future, and in the aim, on the survival of that community spirit that has its prosthesis in the increasingly dense communications networks which technology spills on our settlements, such as yeast not just productive, but civil, social and cultural development.

From Gutemberg to the media
passing through the internet

1996 - Radio & Data Communications Editions

Semiconductor, computer, telecommunications and software development technologies have extended the concept of multimedia, more generally, to that of communication over large distances. Users even very distant from each other can implement multimedia connections between them and develop the ability to share multimedia databases. Large distance communications can thus be enriched with all existing resources locally and - at the same time- take advantage from anywhere in the Earth of a database access.

Telecommunications anthology
The two thousand year behind the corner

1996 - Radio & Data Communications Editions

What do we fear about technology? That threatens our humanity, deadens our vital impulses, fades our creativity. Fears from which to look out. But the best is that the cure against the "technology evil" is offered by the technology itself: telecommunications technology, the one to which is dedicated this book, so carefully curated (the verbal play is wanted) by Luca Tomassini. We all want Dedalo does not continue to build technologically perfect labyrinths to hide and protect the modern Minotaur, but we want he continues to produce the thread with which he resolved the difficulty of getting out of the labyrinth.

Jader Jacobelli

Sistemi wireless

1994 - Radio & Data Communications Editions

While in the field of "wired" telecommunications networks new fields of application are acquired, the premise of significant changes in the habits of the human being, both in terms of working habits and the use of free time, are laid down. The two thousand years will definitively cancel the inevitable initial mobile phone interpretations as a "status-symbol", which in fact constitutes the beginning of the new era.

Telecommunication Systems
Networks and Services

1992 - SIP Editions

The volume examines the complexity of public and private telecommunications networks and services.
Personal radio communication, data transmission and evolution of telecommunication services are the major part of the volume that ends with a chapter devoted to the integration of telecommunications services through the Integrated Telecommunication Numerical Network (ISDN).

Telecommunication Systems

1992 - SIP Editions

The volume provides a rather broad and articulated analysis, starting from the concept of information, in its general aspect, to achieve the transmitting media, through the analysis of the various "manipulation" systems implemented by the various analog and numerical transmission techniques.

Mobilfunk praxis
Systembeschreibungen und Messmethoden

1992 - Und Communications Editions

Radio access to telecommunications networks by more subjects that freely moves on a given territory, without losing the ability to interconnect and communicate as senders and as recipients of messages, undoubtedly constitutes the beginning of a new era.
The text, drawn up in German, analyzes the state of the art of mobile radio systems, with particular reference to cellular systems used in Europe.

Terrestrial radio systems

1992 - SIP/SARIN Editions

The text, 3 reprints and 45.000 copies sold from 1992 to 1995 was the reference for Italian mobile telephony. The volume examines in detail the existing cellular radio systems in Italy (RTM 160, RTMS 450, TACS) and private radio-mobile systems.

Video and media

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Business TV to management del
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